Pallet Repair Services

In many cases, the pallet can be fixed through maintenance:

  • Replace damaged or missing boards
  • Checking that the pallet surfaces are properly aligned
  • Replace all loose parts with tightly fitting materials
  • Fill in any gaps in the nails with fresh nails
  • Lack of planks Broken board
  • Loose material on the pallet
  • Twisted tray
  • Nails and other materials are missing from the pallet

If you decide to repair wooden pallets, you need to keep in mind the requirements of ISPM-15. If you want to use pallets to consign the goods to be exported, even if you only replace one board, you must reapply Heat Treatment ISPM-15 and other requirements. After the motherboard is re-certified, the old compliance mark must be deleted and the new compliance mark must be applied.