Recycle Wood & Plastic Pallet for Sale

Did you know that recycled wooden pallets (Used Pallets) are cheaper and more affordable than any other pallets, which can help your business save costs.

The durability and strength of recycled / second wooden pallet for sale are welcomed because they can withstand heavy inventory and cause damage in the supply chain. Used wooden pallet for sale is known to be green and environmentally friendly. Can be used for recycling. Although the most important thing is that it will not pollute the environment.

JSX Lab – Recycle Wooden & Plastic Pallet Supplier has more than 18 years of buying and selling reclaimed pallet management experience. We have a large Pallet Repair for reuse and recycle team that manages the wood pallet recycling services in companies across various states in Malaysia.

If you have damaged pallets, pallet boards, wood boards or non-use pallet that you don’t want, there is no place to put them. Please sell your pallets to us. We Promise to give your the best price.

Since we have acquired a large number of common type recycled wood pallets, plastic pallets and reclaimed pallet wood for sale. So our price will be lower than others recycle pallet wood suppliers.

In addition to buying our wooden pallet product, we also provide Heat Treatment ISPM15  with Certificate for export to any country.