Protect your cargo when shipping

The Edgeboard Protector is a protecting board

The Edgeboard Protector is a protective board attached to the edge of cargo containers as a way to protect them from impact and knocks.

As a security measure, shippers and carriers use edgeboard protectors to prevent cargo from being damaged.. They can be installed on any type of cargo, on top pallet or in wooden crate. The Edgeboard Protector by JSX Lab that protect your item..

In this way, Edgeboard Protector makes it easier for company to take appropriate action when cargo is opened.

Shipping companies are always looking for ways to protect their cargo from damages. Edgeboard Protector has been designed to protect the edges of the cargo.

This product is designed to cover the whole length and width of a pallet, preventing any damage that might occur on the edges of the cargo during transportation. The protector is made from a durable reinforcement layer that prevents tearing and punctures.

Shipping can be a difficult and costly process for any business. It is important for company to protect your items when shipping to avoid the risk of it being damaged or lost. With JSX Lab shipping indicators

Edgeboard Protector that makes the shipping process easier and more secure. Shipping indicators offer an indicator to you when your package has been delivered, so you don’t have to wait at home all day or keep checking your phone for updates.

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