Industrial Wooden Crate That You Should Know

Industrial wooden crate packaging is designed to protect its contents during handling and shipping, and ensure the safety of staff during the movement and shipping of the goods.

There are two kinds of industrial wooden crates and boxes. The term ‘crate’, rather than ‘box’ is used when the sheathing of the container can be removed and a framed structure remains standing.

Crates and boxes made from wood are the ideal containers for storing and transporting goods. They are often used for heavy duty packaging when the contents are large and heavy and the container needs to be strong and resistant.

Wooden crates or boxes can be made with pure wood, or the wood can be combined with plywood, or even sterling board, also known as oriented strand board, OSB.

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There are many benefits of using wood in industrial packaging, which include

·       Wood can be cut and worked into an infinite number of shapes using simple hand tools or power-driven machinery

·       Wood has excellent rigidity and flexibility

·       Wooden packaging is easy to disassemble, allowing parts to be simply replaced or repaired

·       Wooden packaging can be assembled in many different ways, using simple tools that nearly everyone is familiar with, such as nails, screws, bolts or adhesives

·       Industrial wooden crate use wood is hard-wearing and durable

·       Wood has a fibrous structure, which contains air; this gives it very good insulation properties

·       Wood is a solid, reliable material and it can be protected easily by coating or painting

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Using wooden crates as packaging saves time, space and money. They can be particularly useful for the protection of unusually shaped goods, during loading, stacking, and transport; and safeguards them from environmental conditions.

Time saver

The simple design of a wooden crate means the amount of manufacturing needed is minimal; wooden packaging can be adjusted to fit the specifications of different customers

Intelligent stocking:

Wooden crates are robust and have a high tolerance for vertical pressure. Many can be stacked together, and they perform well when stored for a long time or for long-distance transport

Theft proof

Since the boards in wooden packaging are nailed together, it is much harder to open crates, which decreases the risk of unauthorized access to the goods


Wooden boxes are made of individual parts – fronts, sides, ends and lids – that when assembled will provide a ventilated structure ideal for storing a variety of goods. As with wooden crates, wooden boxes can be made with wood or combined with the board. Wooden boxes can be made even more robust by employing a 3-way bond when making corner joints and adding batons diagonally in their construction.

Full Plywood Cases

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