Do You Know Why Must Heat Treat our Wooden Crate

Using fumigation or heat treatment is the ideal method of treating wooden crate. JSX Lab wooden crate supplier offers a variety of heat-treated crate. This includes wooden crate, wooden skid, wooden box, shipping box, plywood cases and pallets as well as pallet boxes and wood. Because they are heated, all of our products can be delivery can oversea.


  • Who need Heat Treatment Wooden Crate
  • Benefits of Heat Treated Wooden Crate
  • How are they Heat Treated?
  • Prices for Heat Treated Crate

International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging, also known as Heat Treatment ISPM15,
requires that all wooden packaging forms including pallets must be heat-treated
prior to being shipped. Our pallets meet these requirements. provides wood products with company registration, heat
certificate and a graph showing the treatment. This ensures that your
exports are free from problems.

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