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How to Pack and Labelling Wooden Crates

When it comes to shipping goods, the packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the products reach their destination in good condition. Wooden crates have been used for centuries to package and transport goods, and they remain a popular choice for many businesses today. In this article, we’ll explore the features of wooden crates, how […]

Different Type of Wooden Crate, box and Services

The good old wooden crates, without them where would we be in this world? They are very important, for example when you are shipping produce, industrial or heavy duty material you are going to need more than just cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes hold their purpose, but when it comes to shipping something heavy like steel or shipping […]

Choose The Right Pallet Jack or Truck For Your Wood Pallets?

PALLET TRUCKS Pallets are the common load carrier for all kinds of goods moved and transported in a worldwide supply chain. Pallet trucks are the universal tool to move pallets within production, warehouses, lorries up to the point of sale in shops, supermarkets, DIY markets or even to the end user. Depending on the type […]

How to Transport and Protection of Goods use Wooden Crate

JSX Lab offers customize wooden crate we manufacture all types of wood packaging for export. Why is wood the ideal material for your goods? Wooden Crate Easy to Transport Wooden Crate boxes are made using pine wood and plywood, completely closed and very resistant, thus offering maximum protection for your goods with solid and reliable packaging. […]

Do You Know Why Must Heat Treat our Wooden Crate

Using fumigation or heat treatment is the ideal method of treating wooden crate. JSX Lab wooden crate supplier offers a variety of heat-treated crate. This includes wooden crate, wooden skid, wooden box, shipping box, plywood cases and pallets as well as pallet boxes and wood. Because they are heated, all of our products can be delivery can oversea. […]

Know How to Get Green by Refurbished Custom Wooden Crates

When people hear the word “refurbish” the first thing that may come to mind is a refurbished product is inferior to a new one. The truth is, a refurbished product is often equal to its “brand-new” counterpart.  If you control your current inventory of custom wood crates you should consider reusing them. It pays to repair and maintain […]

Here Are The 3 Steps To Repairing a Broken Pallet

The pallets are taken apart, checked for damage and then refurbished for their intended use. All recycled pallets were once brand new, but they have been used and may be missing or damaged parts. Although the pallet recycling process is simple, it must be done correctly to ensure that recycled pallets can perform as intended. Get more information […]

Did You Know What Wooden Crate Box Work?

What is a wooden crate box work? Crate is a large shipping container, often made of wood, typically used to transport or store large, heavy items. Specialized crates were designed for specific products, and were often made to be reusable, such as the “bottle crates” for milk and soft drinks. But now most of these bottle crates have changed into plastic […]

How to Recycle Wood Pallets in Your Home

Best DIY recycle wood pallets ideas & tips on where to find pallets, how to dismantle & use pallet wood to make furniture & home decor projects! Wood pallets are some of our favorite DIY materials. Pallet planks are good quality lumber for durability reasons, and they come from all over the world with such […]

The New Pallets Must Have Accurate Dimensions

Pallets must have accurate dimensions and make from new lumber are more durable than pallets made from used material. This allows for pallets that are free from warping, bending, or pallet repair. The new pallets are made from straight, fresh lumber that is free of any flaws or imperfections. This feature is essential for facilities that require high […]