Here Are Some Tips for Taking Care of Your Wooden Pallets

We’ll be sharing 5 tips that will help your business take care of wood pallets.

Unprecedented demand continues to be felt in the pallet market. Wooden Pallets in overall industry supply are outstripping the demand so business leaders across the globe are having to do more to ensure their Pallet Suppliers. Your company’s forklift operators can assist you in protecting your pallet supply and reducing damage.

This is an important step to ensure that your pallet purchases have the highest return on investment. Forklifts can be one of the safest and most efficient methods to transport wood pallets if they are properly operated. However, a small mistake can cause serious damage!

1. Slow down

It’s obvious that our world is very fast-paced, especially at work. It is tempting to get around your warehouse and business facilities as quickly as possible.

Forklift operators as well as warehouse workers will both benefit from slowing down when handling wood pallets. Handling your pallets slowly will help protect your lead boards and the important products on the pallets.

2. Avoiding contact

Pallet product damage is a serious risk when a forklift operator fails to lower a pallet while placing it next to another unit load. Wood pallets should not be splintered.

You should ensure that the forklift operator and warehouse workers lower your pallets as far as possible before placing them on the ground. Also, every unit load is separated.

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3. Accuracy is essential

You will need to properly and thoroughly insert a pallet, regardless of whether you are using a forklift/pallet jack. If you insert a pallet with a pallet jack or forklift tip, it can cause damage to the stringers and blocks of the wood pallet.

Incorrectly inserting forklift tips can lead to uneven weight distribution, which could result in pallets or products being at greater risk of damage.

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4. Everything should be kept at the same level

Unevenness can cause serious problems when lifting pallets or unit loads. Sometimes, the tips of forklifts will be slightly bent which can result in damage.

It is important to make sure your forks are horizontal. This will prevent broken boards and product problems of any kind.

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5. Take one at a given time

Although it may seem efficient to move multiple units or stacks of pallets at once with a forklift, you should be careful and avoid this scenario.

This can cause damage to your expensive forklift equipment, pallets, products, and other areas of your facility, such as your workers and equipment. Forklift operators should have clear vision. It can cause problems if someone or something is in the operator’s path.

It is safer to move one pallet or unit load at a given time.

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