Reuse Recycle of Old Wooden Crate

Have you suddenly found yourself with a surplus of wooden crates at work? Do you feel too guilty about throwing them out, but you’re not entirely sure how to reuse or recycle them instead? This is where your DIY and crafting skills come in handy!

Check out these useful ways to repurpose a wooden crate in your home.

Cushion topped bench

Did you like the idea of putting a cushion top on the crate toy box suggestion, but you don’t have kids who need to store their toys? Make a cushion topped crate bench instead! This works especially well if the crate you have to repurpose is very large. We love how this bench design. Sit there to take your shoes on and off!

Stacked crate book shelf

The more crates you have access to, the better! This stacked crate shelving design is pretty much only limited but how much space is available in the room you’d like to build the shelf for. We love the idea for storing books or towels in a rustic or shabby chic space. 

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Square coffee table

If your crates are large, grab four of them and create this visually fantastic coffee table full of useful storage cubbies! Turn the crates on their side and line them up so the end of each one rests against the back of another.

Crate desk

Are your crates very large? Try stacking two on each side for desk legs and then laying a steady board across the top for a table top! Make sure that the openings of the crates face outwards so you can use them as shelves for books or office supplies.

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Children’s toy box

Lift the lid and put the toys inside, then push it out of the way or use it as a seat to read a book. Save the space with this design


What could possibly look cuter on your porch holding your latest mini crop or your favourite flowers than a rustically weathered crate-turned-planter? We think this is the perfect use for crates that are just slightly too worn or old to support heavy things like you might put on a crate shelf or desk.

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