Benefits and Disadvantages of Plastic Pallets You Need to Know

In the logistics world, pallets are great features, and they are available in different types. Plastic Pallet has been commonly used, and it’s essential in logistics or warehouses. There are many benefits of using Plastic pallets over bamboo, steel, and wooden pallets, and you’ll find out more in this article.

Plastic pallets are commonly used globally, and their benefits outdo the disadvantages.

Benefits of Using Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallet

Here are the top benefits of using Plastic pallets:

Easy to maintain high hygiene standards

The smooth surface of the Plastic Pallet can be easily and thoroughly cleaned between uses. Since plastic pallets do not absorb moisture, they are unlike the common problems of wooden pallets such as insect damage, rot and a peculiar smell. Therefore, plastic pallets are suitable for industries with regulatory and hygienic requirements, such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, and the beverage industry.

Longer life span

If you often transport items or use pallets in a warehouse, it makes sense to invest in durable longer life span pallets. Plastic pallets can be used for a long time without too much wear. This is very different from wooden pallets. In order to protect the environment and reduce operating costs, plastic pallets are definitely better than wooden pallets

Plastic Pallet Are Lighter and Easier To Transport

If you need to transport products, you don’t need to use plastic pallets to pay a lot of transportation and handling costs like wooden pallets. , If you use plastic pallets, you will be able to reduce the weight of plastic pallets by about 30%-35% wooden pallets, so you will pay 35% less transportation costs.

Storage friendly

A major advantage of plastic pallets over wooden pallets is their nestability. Nestable pallets usually have nine-foot bottoms that can be nested into other pallets, saving valuable space in the warehouse.

They Are Safer And Easier To Handle

Due to the structure of the Plastic Pallet are one-piece molding process. This reduces the risk of equipment failure under heavy loads. Unlike wooden pallets, wooden pallets require nails, chips and shredded boards. These tools will make your employees more dangerous at work. Therefore, the use of plastic pallets will have a safer working environment.

No Treatment needed (Fumigation, Heat Treatment ISPM15)

Plastic pallets are exempt from Heat Treatment ISPM-15 regulations and various inspections at international ports of entry. So you can save money and time


Reducing the waste of resources has always been the goal that the whole world is striving for, so environmental protection issues have always been the most concerned issue at present. Plastic Pallet is a 100% recyclable product. It can be recycled and reused. If the wooden pallet is damaged, it is usually either thrown into a landfill or burned. So choosing plastic pallets is convenient and environmentally friendly

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Disadvantages of Plastic Pallets

Higher cost than wooden pallets

Plastic pallets are often more expensive than wooden pallets. But if you can reuse it multiple times, it’s still a good deal. Unfortunately, most people do one-way transportation or export transportation

Not Able to Repair

The plastic pallet is made in one-piece molding process, so once it is damaged, it cannot be repaired. Unlike wooden pallets, he can partially repair them. Therefore, the use of plastic pallets requires more care


Since the plastic pallet is not as rough as the wooden pallet, and its surface is smooth, it causes the goods to face signs of sliding on it, and specific products need to be used to prevent slippage.

Inflexible Pallet Size

Because plastic pallets are not like wooden pallets that can be easily customized to their own size, there are only a few common size (1100x1100mm1200x1000mm, 1200x800mm) for plastic pallets.


These are the benefits of using Plastic Pallets and the disadvantages of it. With this, you can easily know if it suits your budget or project. These pallets are great, therefore, you should consider using them. Do you know about more benefits of using Plastic pallets? If so, then do share with us.

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