Here Are The 3 Steps To Repairing a Broken Pallet

The pallets are taken apart, checked for damage and then refurbished for their intended use. All recycled pallets were once brand new, but they have been used and may be missing or damaged parts. Although the pallet recycling process is simple, it must be done correctly to ensure that recycled pallets can perform as intended. Get more information about pallet recycling and recycled pallets by contacting us. These are the steps for pallet recycling:

  1. Collect and inspect Pallets
  2. Perform Repairs
  3. Grade and Review Repaired Pallets

1. Collect and Inspect Pallets

You must first find pallets to begin recycling. This blog will be focused on industrial and high-volume pallet recycling. Pallets would be purchased in bulk from distribution warehouses, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities.

Once received, these pallets should be thoroughly inspected. Pallets that have been used can vary in quality, from being brand new to having to be repaired multiple times. They can also look worn or dirty even though they may otherwise be in good condition. To ensure that all repairs are made to pallets, they must be reviewed on a regular basis. Experienced and well-trained teams inspect strings, deck boards and blocks for any damage.

Some pallets may have suffered too much damage or repairs that they cannot be used again. These pallets can be cut into pieces and used for constructing other pallets, or ground into mulch, biomass or animal bedding. As high as 95% are recycled or repaired, and avoiding landfills.

2. Perform Repairs

After the pallets have been sorted and inspected, the pallet repair process can start. Some deck boards will need to be replaced, but others might need stringer or block repair.

If damaged deck boards are found, they can be replaced. Stringers can be repaired with staples or metal plates, depending on their condition. Most stringers are supported by cracks or split using staples, fasteners, and plates. Stringer companions are plugs that attach to broken or missing strings. Blocks can be fixed using a fastener or plate, or simply replaced.

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3. Grade and Review Repaired Pallets

Once pallets have been recycled, they must be sorted to determine their quality, number, and type of repairs. Different pallet suppliers will have different grading names and benchmarks. JSX Lab uses eight grades to ensure transparency and confidence in our clients’ recycled pallet inventories. Make sure you read the description of each pallet before purchasing recycled pallets.

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