You Know What is Chemical Pallet?

The chemical industry has standardised the pallets it uses into nine different types. 

CP 1 – 5 are pallets with skids, which are used by the majority of chemical companies.
CP 6 – 9 are pallets with two levels, frames or windows. Their construction makes them more stable than CP 1 – 5.
These days all Chemical Pallet (CP) pallets are also used by industrial companies from other sectors too.

We have been a registered manufacturer of Chemical Pallet since the start of the CP system and we also offer repairs. All CP branded products from our high-tech production facilities meet high quality, safety and environmental standards.

Weight±22 kg ±18 kg±23 kg±33 kg24 kg±35 kg±40 kg±40 kg±38 kg
MaterialPine / Plywood / LVL / OtherPine / Plywood / LVL / OtherPine / Plywood / LVL / OtherPine / Plywood / LVL / OtherPine / Plywood / LVL / OtherPine / Plywood / LVL / OtherPine / Plywood / LVL / OtherPine / Plywood / LVL / OtherPine / Plywood / LVL / Other
Single usemultiplemultiplemultiplemultiplemultiplemultiplemultiplemultiplemultiple
Access4 way4 way4 way4 way4 way4 way4 way4 way4 way
Base support3 skids3 skids3 skids3 skids3 skidsmoving skidmoving skidmoving skidmoving skid
Customise Designyesyes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  

JSX Lab we have all type of pallet for your business need

We offer the best quality wood pallets, plastic pallets and plywood online at the best price to our Malaysia Johor Bahru and Singapore customers. Simply visit our Shop section to access our secure checkout. We offer a variety of standard New and recycling wooden pallets. These pallets are great for shipping and are also great for storage. To speak with our team, you can call us at +6012 727 0188. Because we understand that each customer has a different budget, we work closely to find the best solution.

Customised pallets are available in various load capacities. They are ideal for transporting goods from your Johor to the world. These pallets are great for storing your goods efficiently. Because they are sized to your needs, the pallets have been Heat Treated with ISPM 15 certified. You can browse our entire range of pallet sizes and types to find the right one for you. Secure delivery is available for all orders. We deliver to Singapore and Malaysia. If you need bulk orders or have questions, please feel free to contact our team.

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