The New Pallets Must Have Accurate Dimensions

Pallets must have accurate dimensions and make from new lumber are more durable than pallets made from used material. This allows for pallets that are free from warping, bending, or pallet repair.

The new pallets are made from straight, fresh lumber that is free of any flaws or imperfections. This feature is essential for facilities that require high levels of automation to ensure reliable and efficient throughput. Get in touch with us to learn more about the differences between recycled pallets and new pallets for sale, and which is best for you. Because:

  • Made From New Quality Lumber
  • Are not currently being stressed underweight
  • Previous exposure to the elements is not required
  • Not seen any repairs or additional transportation.

Made From New, Quality Lumber

The new pallets are made of high-quality, new lumber. They are cut by skilled from our teams using the appropriate equipment. The pallet should be completed with fresh wood and meet certain dimensions. It also needs to work perfectly with automated pallet handling systems.

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The elements have yet to be exposed to new pallets. Even for short periods, the sun, heat, cold, and rain can cause damage to pallets. Also, heavy loads are not a problem for new pallets. Pallets can hold thousands of pounds of weight and are subject to warping and bending from the load. Although recycled pallets are usually very similar to their original dimensions they can be slightly altered by weight or other elements to alter their shape. For applications that require exact measurements, only use new pallets.

Also, the transport or repair of pallets can cause distortions in the lumber. The transport, loading, and stacking of pallets can cause small chips, splits, and other damage to a variety of parts. The deck boards might need to be replaced, and new fasteners could be used. Stringers or blocks can also be repaired or completely replaced.

These repairs can sometimes alter the dimensions of pallets in very small ways, usually less than a quarter inch. Some automated pallet systems can be so sensitive that even a slight change could have a significant effect.

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Because they are made from new lumber, the dimensions of the new pallets are exact. They have not yet been used for transporting unit loads. Although recycled pallets can be used in most applications, they are not reliable and may have minor defects that could prevent them from being used in automated manufacturing facilities. Contact us about how we make sure our pallets measure precisely.

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