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Choose The Right Pallet Jack or Truck For Your Wood Pallets?

PALLET TRUCKS Pallets are the common load carrier for all kinds of goods moved and transported in a worldwide supply chain. Pallet trucks are the universal tool to move pallets within production, warehouses, lorries up to the point of sale in shops, supermarkets, DIY markets or even to the end user. Depending on the type […]

Learn How To Navigate The Malaysian Pallet Market

The pallet market continues to see a shortage of wooden pallets as society reopens. This is causing longer lead times and a delay in supply. JSX Lab, your pallet experts have identified three key initiatives that your company can take to mitigate the impact of the current pallet market. These are our top recommendations for […]

Here Are The 3 Steps To Repairing a Broken Pallet

The pallets are taken apart, checked for damage and then refurbished for their intended use. All recycled pallets were once brand new, but they have been used and may be missing or damaged parts. Although the pallet recycling process is simple, it must be done correctly to ensure that recycled pallets can perform as intended. Get more information […]

How to Recycle Wood Pallets in Your Home

Best DIY recycle wood pallets ideas & tips on where to find pallets, how to dismantle & use pallet wood to make furniture & home decor projects! Wood pallets are some of our favorite DIY materials. Pallet planks are good quality lumber for durability reasons, and they come from all over the world with such […]

The New Pallets Must Have Accurate Dimensions

Pallets must have accurate dimensions and make from new lumber are more durable than pallets made from used material. This allows for pallets that are free from warping, bending, or pallet repair. The new pallets are made from straight, fresh lumber that is free of any flaws or imperfections. This feature is essential for facilities that require high […]

Palletize Your Warehouse to Improve Efficiency

JSX Lab has supported many businesses in growth that have experienced warehouse efficiency problems that didn’t match their current demand. Warehouse efficiency is a key way to lower overhead costs and streamline other company processes. There is no question about that. Many business leaders are unaware of the fact that warehouse efficiency is an important aspect […]

Here Are Some Tips for Taking Care of Your Wooden Pallets

We’ll be sharing 5 tips that will help your business take care of wood pallets. Unprecedented demand continues to be felt in the pallet market. Wooden Pallets in overall industry supply are outstripping the demand so business leaders across the globe are having to do more to ensure their Pallet Suppliers. Your company’s forklift operators can assist you […]

Something to Know About Pallet

Although pallets are essential for many businesses, there is more to pallets than meets the eye. Pallets are vital for many company’s supply chains. In many ways, they’re an essential tool for warehouse efficiency and overall operation. JSX Lab knows how pallets make the world go around. That’s why we recommend that all businesses rely on durable, […]

Choosing Wooden Pallet or Plastics Pallet more Environmental Friendly?

Pallets, whether wooden or plastic is all around. Malaysia University’s 2017 study revealed that there were 140 million pallets on the MALAYSIA Pallet market. The majority of these pallets are made from wood. However, wooden pallets could have a number of environmental issues. Wood may appear to be the most environmentally-friendly option, but it isn’t. Pallets […]